• a wave of new products are joining our store

    We're waiting for some exciting deliveries to the store over the next few days.  We always love it when a delivery arrives, unpacking amazing new p...
  • Our approach - reduce, recycle, reuse

    Reflecting on our approach to the environment as a business.
  • Preserving Spring using the Studio Wald Flower Press

    It’s so quick and easy to use the Studio Wald pocket press, layering up the flowers and leaves between 2 sheets of paper and a piece of corrugated card. Once you have added everything, the bands simply slide over each end to keep all the layers tightly pressed together.
  • The beginnings of Hey Ho & Co.

    It feels like so much has changed at Hey Ho over the last few months. We’ve tried to make the transition as smooth and exciting as possible. It's been an amazing (and exhausting) process and we thought we’d write a brief explanation as to why we’ve made these changes and how we hope things will improve because of them.
  • Hey! We're open.

    Welcome to our new website. We hope you enjoy taking a look around and maybe even treating yourself or someone else.  We have some fantastic offers...