Our approach - reduce, recycle, reuse

As World Environment Day approaches, it's another opportunity to reflect on what we do as a business to reduce our environmental impact. Being based in a place like Saltburn, you can't help but admire the beautiful coastline and nature that is on our doorstep. We're very fortunate to have such lovely surroundings and we're aware that we should play a part in caring for them.

It's always been our approach to consider the impact of the products we stock. We want to encourage a lifestyle of buying less, but at the same time, buying better. This means that we aim to offer products which are high quality and have longevity. We feel that filling a home with more natural materials and plants helps to refine air quality.

Wherever possible, we source items which are well designed, practical and also environmentally friendly. This includes looking at products which have been created using recycled materials or have recyclable packaging.  Our cards, wrap and notebooks are produced from recycled stock or sustainable sources.

Packaging is another important part in how we reduce our environmental impact. Our packaging is either produced using recycled materials or can be recycled after use. Instead of plastic based tapes, we use paper based tapes to seal boxes and biodegradable packing peanuts inside.

British grown flowers Poppy field flower bouquet


Our stunning flowers that we sell through spring to early autumn, are sourced locally. This helps to decrease their carbon footprint whilst supporting another local independent business. They're grown without the use of pesticides and there's no plastic wrapping.


Screen print Supermoon tote bag  Screen print radiate cushion cover design

As well as the products in our store, we are also mindful of the items we use in our print studios.  All of our inks are water based and none toxic, to be as kind to the environment as possible, plus we use eco cleaning solutions.

In our studios, when we print garments and bags, we source them from companies that manufacture the items using recycled materials such as old plastic bottles.

We're aware that all of these choices and decisions may be small, but important and we'll continue to be aware of how we can reduce our environmental impact.