The beginnings of Hey Ho & Co.

It feels like so much has changed at Hey Ho over the last few months. We’ve tried to make the transition as smooth and exciting as possible. It's been an amazing (and exhausting) process and we thought we’d write a brief explanation as to why we’ve made these changes and how we hope things will improve because of them.

The Hey Ho company has grown faster than we could of ever hoped for over the last few years. When we started out, we hadn’t even considered the prospect of owning a bricks and mortar store. The opportunity was thrust upon us and were so glad we seized it when we did.
It's consistently niggled us to have both aspects of our company so intertwined when they are very different in many ways. Although they are of the same belief and spirit, the structure and workings of the shop and studio never really clicked together. We’ve been trying to run two business as one and it’s created more work than necessary.

That’s when Hey Ho & Co. was formed. As an extension to our existing company, keeping the same feel but emphasising more of the shops style. We really took on board what you, our customers, said about the shop and workshops, why you loved being in the spaces and what you took away with you. It's been really exhilarating creating a new identity based around a space, atmosphere and customers feelings. We are super happy with the end result and we hope you are all too.

But we are not saying goodbye to Hey Ho Print Co. Next on our job list is a whole new rebrand for the print company and an expansion of the studio space and equipment. We are planning on bringing our printing service up to speed and offering a more customer friendly ordering service. We love working with small independent organisations and will continue to do this but we also need the capability to take on larger jobs.

What about the workshops, we hear you cry. Well, they will also be growing with a wider variety of skills to be taught and projects to get your teeth into. We have a whole list of fantastic interior, houseplant and print based workshops planned for the rest of the year. We’re just waiting for the right time to begin running them again.