Preserving Spring using the Studio Wald Flower Press

This morning, while the sun came out for a while here on the lovely North Yorkshire coast, we decided to pick some leaves and flowers to press. We found a little basket, grabbed our wellies and headed out into the garden to see what interesting shapes we could find.

At first our toddler was a little more interested in running around, but after a little while she chose some beautiful flowers and leaves. There was lots of fun to be had from walking around the garden too, swinging the basket.

picking flowers in the garden

picking from basket of flowers

Back inside, we prepared our flower press, separating out the paper and card ready to assemble. It’s so quick and easy to use the Studio Wald pocket press, layering up the flowers and leaves between 2 sheets of paper and a piece of corrugated card. Once you have added everything, the bands simply slide over each end to keep all the layers tightly pressed together.

The great thing about this press is that it’s perfect to take out and about too.  It was very windy in our garden today, so we decided it was best to assemble everything inside.

It’s been fun exploring all the different colours and textures in our garden by collecting some of the leaves and flowers. I’m excited to see how they all dry and what we can make with them. We’re planning to try them out with a sun print kit, which is perfect for the longer summer days that are on their way.

We have so many lovely flowers in our gardens and countryside, but please be mindful of our bees and other wildlife. For more guidance on what you can pick, where and how take a look at Code of Conduct ( and the information that's also available on